Featured Wedding: Lori & Adam @ The Lighthouse

lori & adam
july 11, 2015 @ the lighthouse

the story

“The first time Adam and I ordered Chinese food at the start of our relationship my fortune cookie said, ‘The one you love is closer than you think.’ One half years later we went to a Chinese restaurant and truly only my second fortune cookie with him said, ‘It’s time for you to make the next move,”’ says Lori. “Clearly ready for him to propose, I handed it to Adam and said, ‘Here you go,’ not knowing that a ring was already in hand. That Tuesday evening, I was supposed to work late but there was a terrible hail and snow storm, so I was set to go home early. Unbeknownst to me, Adam was all set to propose that night and had the second fortune cookie blown up into a poster — sliding all over the streets to get to Staples and just hoping he could get home in time. He informed my doorman to call him when I came in but when I came in, there was no doorman in sight and the elevator was waiting for me. I headed upstairs to see a hot pink sign saying, ‘It’s time for you to make the next move,’ and I knew…I opened the door and Adam is in a frenzy trying to light candles that sadly (I could have told him) don’t actually light. I walked in and all flustered and just says, ‘Do you know your candles don’t light?’…gets on one knee, and asks, ‘Will you marry me?’ Perfect if you ask me.”

wedding style

I live and work in the city, and I have known The Lighthouse for a long time. It has always been my one choice — there was never going to be any other place. It’s glamorous and simple all in one,” says Lori. “We kept it simple but had beautiful pops of color through the florals. Suspended candle lanterns in the entrance, purple orchids submerged in water lining the entryway, silver fabric on the walls, suspended candles and tea lights above the dance floor, and purple centerpieces of varying sizes and surrounded by candles of varying height.”

favorite menu item

Bride: The Artisan Steakhouse Beef! The AK1 sauce was to die for!

Groom: Definitely the Retro Station

memorable moments

“Just before we opened the curtains to the main dining room, our event manager Bob took Adam and I into the room alone. And in that moment everything I had hoped for and dreamed about and it was one of the most special moments I have ever experienced in my life,” says Lori. “Also memorable was at the end of the night, there was a spontaneous dance off and the entire wedding cheered for one more song. We just danced our hearts out for that last song and just enjoyed ourselves like it would never end.”

what guests are saying

“People have said it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to — the lights, the colors, the food, the ability to stand outside on the water, the entire venue was top of the top,” says Lori. “They had never been to a wedding where the service was so meticulous and the food was so delicious. Everything about The Lighthouse was flawless. They also felt the happiness and love we exuded and it just added to the excitement of the night.”


floral/event design: Atlas Floral | photography: A Guy + A Girl Photography | entertainment: Hank Lane – City Edge| bride’s wedding attire: Monique Lhuillier | groom’s attire: Hugo Boss