Add Flavor with Infused Cubes!

Don’t let plain ice water down your drinks. Instead, keep your beverages chilled while adding an extra punch of flavor with infused ice cubes! Simply make an extra serving or two of your beverage and fill an ice cube tray to about three quarters of the way full with the liquid. Float complimentary fruits, herbs and spices and freeze. Not only do they add extra taste, but they make a great visual statement.

Check out some of our favorite combinations below:

raspberries & mint
fresh squeezed orange, lime, lemon juice & zest
basil & lemongrass

Iced Tea
peach & thyme
fig, honey & peppercorn
lavender & grated fresh or candied ginger

Iced Coffee
cacao nibs and vanilla (extract or bean)
shredded coconut & almond milk
caramel syrup & cinnamon stick pieces

(Tip: Make your iced beverages with adult twist by adding liqueurs)