AK Rolls Out New Food Carts!

If you’re look to add something a little extra to your next event, then look no further than our new artisan food carts!

We’re excited to offer over a dozen new carts ranging from savory and sweet, to late night treats. Each artisanal cart is creatively designed with décor to play off your theme or color scheme. Whether it’s the cocktail hour or an after party, we’ve got just what you need to surprise your guests and keep that party going!

Cocktail Hour

Instead of stationary buffets, switch things up! If you want to go the comfort food route, our Mac & Cheese Cart does the job with a variety of twists on this classic dish. Or surprise your guests with another fan favorite like our Sushi & Dumplings Cart – complete with Chinese takeout containers and chorks (our fun chopstick-fork hybrid).

Sweet Endings

Keep that energy high well thought the night without your guests having to stop for a plated dessert. Instead, our Cookies & Milk Cart will come to your guests offering your favorite cookies, treats, and milks with syrups. More of a donut fanatic? Then let your guests build their own sweet creations with our Mocha & Donuts Cart where they can drizzle and dust on toppings to their heart’s content!

The After Party

After a long night of dancing, surprise your guests with a late night pick-me-up. Pending on your post-party snack style, some favorites include our Taco Cart, New York City Bar Snacks Cart, Nacho Cart, or Pizza and Beer Cart. If you’re feeling nostalgic, we even offer an Old Fashioned Treats Carts filled with fudge, chocolate-covered popcorn, and assorted retro candy. It’s the perfect way for your guests to get a last taste of the great night.