6 Days of Hot Toddies!

Now that winter is upon us, it’s time to break out the firewood and brace ourselves for those subzero conditions. And what better way to stay toasty than with a hot toddy! While a traditional recipe may call for boiling water/tea, bourbon, honey and some citrus, we’ve taken the classic winter warmer to the next level with 6 flavorful variations!

Grapefruit: hibiscus tea ∙ brandy ∙ muddled grapefruit ∙ sugar in the raw ∙ ginger

Lemon: lavender tea ∙ st. germain ∙ honey ∙ lemon peel ∙ mint

Cranberry: chamomile tea ∙ rum ∙ cranberry juice ∙ rosemary

Apple: chai tea ∙ apple jack brandy ∙ cider ∙ cinnamon stick

Orange: orange pekoe tea ∙ spiced rum ∙ orange segments ∙ agave

Maple: earl grey tea ∙ whiskey ∙ maple syrup ∙ cloves