Featured Wedding: Maggie & J. B. @ The New York Public Library

maggie & j. b.
june 6, 2015 @ the new york public library


the story

“J. B. and I had been together forever, so I knew it was coming eventually. He did, however, manage to surprise me by meeting me after a weekend conference and asking me to go for a walk in the park,” says Maggie. “As usual, I was complaining about the weather, school, and was being an all-around curmudgeon since things were super busy at work. Then I realized we had come to the boat pond at Central Park where I used to play as a kid. I finally started to notice that J. B. had definitely dressed up for a Saturday — he was wearing a suit. It all made sense when he pulled a the little velvet box out, and instantly I forgot about everything else and started crying. It was nothing out of the ordinary as far as proposals go, but it was absolutely perfect to me.”

wedding style

“We wanted to stay within the aesthetic of the New York Public Library, a building that we both love, so we tried to select colors and ideas that flowed from the building’s majestic architecture and detail,” says J. B. “We described it as ‘American Royalty’.”

favorite menu item

Maggie & J. B.: The cake!


memorable moments

Maggie: “I didn’t know that we were going to get lifted in the chairs, I thought it was just something they had been joking about, but sure enough…”

J. B.: “The exceptionally heavy utilization of the two full-size lion head vodka & Kahlua shot luges created by Okamoto Studios.”

what guests are saying

Maggie: “People had a great time. Most people are RAVING about the [Abigail Kirsch] food which is great because its one of the most important parts of hosting your closest family and friends. The fact that the delicious food kept on coming surprised our guests who drank the last minute shots and ate treats and warm cookies well past the dinner hour.”

J.B.: “The wedding of the millennium!”



floral/event design: Colin Cowie Celebrations | photography: Brian Dorsey Studios | videography: Kiss the Bride Films | entertainment: Eturnity Band, Todd Londagin, DJ David Chang, DJ Donna D’Cruz| bride’s wedding attire: Selia Yang | groom’s attire: YSL | bridesmaid dresses: Marchesa | groomsmen attire: theblacktux.com