Featured Wedding: Mara & Andrew @ The Lighthouse

mara & andrew
july 8, 2016 @ the lighthouse

the story

It was the Wednesday before July 4th weekend, and Mara and Andrew had planned a long weekend in the Caribbean. Mara was very excited to get away and relax on the beach. Andrew was feeling nervous and anxious, but he hid it very well. The only sign was when Andrew insisted that they wake up unnecessarily early for their morning flight, but Mara agreed and set their alarm for 5:00 am.

The next morning, Mara began her day as usual, oblivious to the fact that Andrew was fidgeting and getting increasingly more nervous by the second. As Mara was finishing her makeup, Andrew dug a gift wrapped box out of hiding and put it on the table in the living room. When Mara walked into the living she saw Andrew sitting on the couch with the box in front of him. Andrew instructed her to open it. Confused and still a little groggy, Mara unwrapped the “gift”, which was craftily hidden in a mismatched box, but when she finally saw what was inside her jaw dropped. She started crying and jumped into Andrew’s arms. Andrew asked her to marry him and, of course, she said yes! Andrew led Mara out of their apartment in utter shock. They spent the next four days celebrating their engagement on a romantic getaway in Saint Martin!

wedding style

“We really wanted our wedding to reflect us as a couple and our personal style. As proud New Yorkers, we wanted the glitz and glam of a New York wedding, but with a softer and more romantic feel,” says Mara. “We decide on a formal, black tie wedding and hung tea lights along with three large chandeliers over the dance floor to create a glamorous ambience. For the floral, we focused on a light pink color palette with pops of coral (Mara’s favorite color), and incorporated lots of greenery to create that romantic, garden quality. The chandeliers and the floral arch for our ceremony were our favorite design elements!”

favorite menu item

Andrew: Mac & Cheese Cupcakes
Mara: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Souffle (which resembled the cookies from their favorite bakery!)

memorable moment

“Getting to see each other for the first time was so romantic and emotional. It was one of the highlights of the day because it was just us. It’s the one time when you get to just take each other in and focus on the significance of the day,” says Mara. Another memorable moment for the couple was when Mara’s five-year-old niece walked up to them with tears running down her face after their first dance. “We were scared that something bad had happened, but when we asked her what was wrong, she said that she was crying because she was just so happy for us. It was such a sweet moment. She melted our hearts!”

what guests are saying

“We have received so many compliments from our guests and even had multiple people recommend The Lighthouse to their newly engaged friends,” says Mara. “They couldn’t get over how beautiful it was! Also, one of our musician friends told us how talented the band was and Mara’s ‘foodie’ uncle told us that the food was a 12 on a scale of 1-10. Everyone tells us what a perfect wedding it was!”


floral/event design: Ivie Joy Floral Arts & Events | photography: Joseph Lin Photography | videographer: Frank Ahn Films | entertainment: Hank Lane | bride’s wedding attire: Amsale | groom’s attire: Kent Wang |bridesmaids’ attire: Bella Bridesmaids (Watters) | groomsmen’s attire: The Black Tux