Featured Wedding: Sandra & Troy

Sandra & Troy
July 7, 2012 @ 620 Loft & Garden

The Story

“I ordered the ring while we were living in Tokyo, having it made in New York and then delivered to my parents in San Jose, CA,” says Troy. “While Sandra and I were back in California for Thanksgiving, I took possession of the ring from my parents, and waited for the perfect opportunity. Within a day, that opportunity arose, as we had a family brunch planned on the coast of Big Sur — a beautiful expanse of rugged Oceanside abutting tree-covered mountains.” Once the couple arrived at a restaurant along the coast, Troy took Sandra to a portion of the patio overlooking the majestic view and told her he had a gift. “She was certainly surprised by a gift under these circumstances, but when she opened it, her eyes widened and mouth opened, but remained speechless,” says Troy. “I asked her ‘Will you marry me?’ and when she was finally able to overcome her shock, she responded with ‘Yes!’ We then enjoyed a champagne toast with my family in celebration.

Wedding Style

The couple kept it simple by sticking with the basics, as reflected with the floral design, furniture & fixtures, and overall interior. No major frills or elaborate decorations. “In other words, quality over quantity,” says Sandra. “But we made sure to retain the perfect touch of elegance in all the designs and decorations we chose, from the stationery to the chair cushion. So, while it was simple, we paid attention to all the details.” As for the style, it was consistently modern, starting with the chic venue, to the rectangular dining tables and flower arrangements.

Favorite Menu Item

Sandra: Peach Strawberry Sampler
Troy: Beef Tournedo

Memorable Moments

“Hearing my groom’s vows,” says Sandra. “When I saw my bride walk down the aisle,” says Troy.

What Guests are Saying

Magical, intimate, fun, beautiful, amazing, delicious


floral design: Designs by Ahn | photography: Roseann Wang | entertainment: DJ Gaza (Gary Hoffman) | wedding dress: Purchased overseas in Tokyo | groom’s attire: Men’s Wearhouse | bridesmaid dresses: Custom | stationery: Paperee | hair & make-up: Sissi Chan