AK’s New Fall Menu!

When it comes to fall, everyone seems to have something they adore about the season. Some love foliage. Some love apple & pumpkin picking. Some just love the fact that’s it sweater season again. For us, though, autumn is all about incorporating those amazing harvest flavors into our new fall menu! Check out some of some of our favorites below.

HARVEST PIZZETTA | fontina, pancetta, brussel leaves, squash, pomegranate

SQUASH RISOTTO FRITTERS | spiced almonds, stone fruit chutney

BUTTERNUT RUMAKI | maple glazed bacon, jicama, spiced pumpkin seeds

ROASTED SQUASH BURRATA | trio of squash: butternut-acorn-spaghetti, pomegranate & pumpkin seeds

GRAIN MUSTARD BEEF | apple fennel purée, adobe beef jus, sweet potato hash, brussel sprouts, turnips, bacon, pomegranate, candied pecans

LAVENDER HONEY ROASTED D’ANJOU PEAR  | maple brittle ice cream, spiced cider broth, sun-dried fruits, brandy snap tuile