Rosé Every Which Way!

To help bring a “La Vie en Rosé” themed cocktail party to life at the gorgeous 620 Loft & Garden, we took our rosé game to the next level with our “What’s Your Rosé Personality?” bar.  For those feeling Bubbly, there was a sparkling rosé garnished with candied rose petals. For the Sweet crowd, a light rosé sprinkled with ginger mint tapioca pearls was served. If Spicy was more fitting, our dark rosé topped with a watermelon-jalapeno salsa provided a nice little kick. Of course, if none seemed to quite fit, there was our specialty rosé sangria topped with a white peach & melon sorbet floater (a huge crowd pleaser!).

The summer celebration was complemented with our East End Eats and Urban BBQ (featuring our New England shrimp rolls, pickled greenmarket vegetables and pork belly BLT skewers) — as well as our Amped Up Mini Shakes, Rosé Granitas and Sweeter in Pink Donuts.

Photography by: Allan Zepeda