6 Event Trends with Staying Power

Trends in the special event industry can disappear as quickly they came, but every-so-often, there are a handful that manage break free of “fad” status and become staples in realm of hospitality. Check out our list of six trends that are still going strong (and who knows…at this rate, they may even become classics)!


We’ve seen cupcakes come in all sorts of gourmet flavors, toppings and sizes. These days, the tasty confections are so prevalent that they have become the center of the reality competition show Cupcake Wars and are being dispensed from 24-hour vending machines. We’ve put a twist on the sweet trend in the past years with our savory cupcakes (like our bite-sized Blue Corn Cupcake with Cured Salmon & Chipotle Cream, and our Truffled Mushroom Lasagna Cupcake appetizer. Our clients continue to request new and innovative displays and twists on cupcakes — and guests continue to go wild for them!



City streets are flooded with a new wave of food trucks and carts selling everything from organic grass-fed burgers to waffle ice cream sandwiches. Even some of our favorite restaurants are taking to the streets. We’ve pulled inspiration from the trend by offering themed roving food & beverage carts during events (like our Taco & Margarita Cart and Noodles & Sushi Cart) — it’s our interactive version of “meals on wheels”!


Whether it’s sending out e-vites to cut back on paper waste, using fair trade coffee and teas, encouraging car sharing, or using reusable centerpieces, we’re happy to say this eco-friendly trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s actually gaining more traction. We continue to contribute to sustainability not only with our events, but in our day-to-day activities with initiatives like energy & water conservation and partnerships with local vendors. That way our guests can enjoy themselves and rest assured that we’re thinking green.


We all remember a time when guests were seated or standing at round tables. In recent years, the use of varied tables, chairs and seating styles have added extra depth to your typical floor plan. While it seemed like a fleeting trend about five years ago,  it still continues to be the norm. You can’t attend or design an event without incorporating the visual variety of communal, rectangular or square tables of varying sizes and heights alongside assorted stools, cubes, couches and ottomans.


Spotlight on Beverages

At one time, specialty cocktails were as simple as creating one beverage that tied into an event’s color or theme. But times have certainly changed — and so have beverages! Nowadays, we put just as much creativity into our cocktails as we do our culinary offerings. Whether it be mixology stations, artisanal hand crafted beer bars, Prosecco walls or herbaceous non-alcoholic elixirs, we always make sure to keep those custom libations flowing.


While some think the comfort food craze is on the way out, we find that clients still love the idea of putting a contemporary spin on classics. And so do we (the phrase “What’s old is new again” didn’t get coined for no reason)! The trick is to change them up in ways never done before. And this year we have some great ideas up our toques, including out-of-the-box twists on pizza, hot dogs, grilled cheeses, egg creams and pies.