When Science Meets Dessert

To introduce a new slate of 30 original digital shows, Defy Media held its 2017 Newfront event  (think television upfront presentations except for digital players) at PlayStation Theater in Times Square with one of their most successful comedy channels as a centerpiece — Smosh.

We were thrilled to team up with Defy to bring one the of the brand’s shows, SmoshLabs, to life by adding a little science to dessert! The station included DIY donuts with “syringes” of flavor infusions injected into each donut, sprinkled with beakers and test tubes of toppings. Then we had our C2 Crystalized Crispies with pop rocks and neon drizzles. And of course, there was our “green foam” cotton candy inspired by the show’s popular “Epic Foam Fountain” episode. Throw in some dry ice, servers in lab coats and goggles and an exceptionally stylish skeleton and you have yourself the perfect chem lab-themed sweets station!