Entertaining Must-Haves: A Pie Tasting Cocktail Party

If you’re looking to change things up when it comes time to host a get-together, then how about throwing a tasting party centered on two very important staples of any harvest-time celebration: cocktails and pie! (What more is there, really?)

Check out our list of must-have items to get you headed in the right direction.


Differentiate everyone’s wine and cocktail glasses upon arrival with these gold, autumn-inspired, handcrafted pewter glass charms finished in antiqued bronze — the perfect way to add a festive kick to every sip!

If you can’t resist throwing in a little savory with the sweet, think outside of the box with these steel cookie cutters to create a playful tray of cheeses in the shapes of leaves and acorns.


It’s hard to turn down gold as it is, so it’s virtually impossible to do so in edible form! These 24K gold leaf flakes could be the final, striking detail to top off any pie. A simple, eye-catching idea that’s so sweet it might even make your guests hesitate before taking that first bite (but only for a brief moment).


To tie things together, pair your gold pie topping with these gold-lettered napkins customized napkins. They’re not lying when they say “there’s always more room for pie.” Because, well, there is.


On the off chance there are leftovers when all is said and done, send a slice or two of pie home with your guests in these convenient and endearing take-away boxes. (Hello, late-night snack!)