Recipe: Carrot Cake Bites

When it comes time to choose between chocolate and vanilla, sometimes option c is the way to go. And in this case, c is for carrot, as is our ultra-moist, decadent Carrot Cake Bites! Try our recipe for the classic dessert.… read more

Health Boost: Beneficial Snacking

Snacking often gets a bad rap, but let’s not forget that making the right selections can actually be beneficial to your health and keep your energy up throughout the day. Being thoughtful about what you put in your mouth doesn’t mean you're destined to a life of rice cakes and carrot sticks. Instead, check out our list of delicious-but-healthy options straight off the Abigail Kirsch menu that...  read more

VIDEO: Hot Chocolate Three Ways

Winter is in full swing, and there is no better way to enjoy it than with a little something warm and sweet. Check out our video and recipe below for three must-try gourmet hot chocolates complete with spikes, drizzles, and all sorts of toppings! ...… read more

Featured Wedding: Elana & Brenton @ Tappan Hill Mansion

The Story: While away on a skiing weekend trip, Brent told Elana that he had missed his train coming home. "I was out for the night watching the Oscars at my parent's house, and when I came home that night, our two dogs, London & Toby, ran to the front door to greet me," says Elana. "But they were wearing... … read more

VIDEO: Savory Waffles

Forget Chicken and Waffles! We're taking the breakfast staple to a new level with our trio of savory waffles in the video below:… read more