Take Your Chicken & Waffles to the Next Level!

Chicken and Waffles have always been a classic comfort food, but it’s certainly been huge in the foodie scene as of late with unique and contemporary departures from traditional recipes. Whether you’re serving full sized portions for dinner, or its bite-sized counterpart as a fun hors d’oeuvre, go beyond the standard plain maple syrup as a topping by trying one of our sauce and garnish... read more

Featured Wedding: Lori & Adam @ The Lighthouse

The Story: "The first time Adam and I ordered Chinese food at the start of our relationship my fortune cookie said, 'The one you love is closer than you think.' One half years later we went to a Chinese restaurant and truly only my second fortune cookie with him said, 'It's time for you to make the next move,''' says Lori. "Clearly ready for him to propose, I handed it to Adam and said, 'Here you go,' not knowing that a ring was already in hand...read more

Entertainment Must-Haves: Fall Harvest Brunch

The air is getting crisper, and what better way to celebrate the changing of seasons than with a fall harvest brunch. Gather friends and family and catch up over a homemade meal sure to get everyone in the spirit of all that is apples and pumpkin spice with these entertaining must-haves. Set the scene with these fun monogram cloth napkins. Either purchase your initial order in bulk, or... read more